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Congressional Redistricting Reform

The Fair Districts = Fair Elections Coalition is exploring a congressional redistricting proposal and we are looking for your suggestions.  Click here to read the proposal and how you can help support reform for Congress Too.  Please send your suggestions to Catherine Turcer at cturcer@commoncause.org or submit comments online.

Want to help make Fair Districts a reality? Here’s how!
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  3. Donate! We are in the process of setting up an official campaign account, and in the meantime donations can be made to the League of Women Voters of Ohio – go to www.lwvohio.org, click donate, and in the memo please include a note indicating your contribution is for “Fair Districts.”

The Fair Districts = Fair Elections Coalition seeks to reform the way Ohio's Congressional Districts are drawn with the goal of prohibiting, or at least reducing, partisan gerrymandering. Additionally, the Coalition seeks to increase fairness and accountability in the Congressional map-making process. 
The Coalition has been urging the state legislature to place Congressional Redistricting Reform on the ballot, and we are gearing up for an initiative to put it before voters if the legislature refuses to do so. 

In November 2015, votersoverwhelmingly passed State Issue 1, which was proposed by the legislature.  This bipartisan redistricting proposal created a more fair and transparent process for drawing state legislative districts - but it did not include Congressional districts. We believe Ohioans deserve fair districts for all of our elected legislators, state and U.S. Congress. 

Be sure to check out fairdistrictsohio.org for more information and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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