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Governor Kasich Vetoes Poll Tax Bill

On Friday June 17, 2016, Governor John Kasich vetoed SB 296, which would have made it more difficult to obtain court-ordered extended voting hours.

One of the bill's most controversial provisions would have required petitioners to pay an excessive bond to cover the overtime costs of running an election.  Voter advocates decried this as a modern poll tax  unfairly imposed when voting is interrupted -- due to voting machine failures, inclement weather, or other emergencies-- at no fault of the voter.

Gov. Kasich said in his veto message that the bill went “a step too far” by eliminating judicial discretion over waiving the bond requirement.  

Thank you to all who took the time to contact the Governor and urge him to veto the latest voting restrictions proposed by the Ohio General Assembly.  Your calls and emails made the difference!  Read more coverage about the vetoed bill from the Columbus Dispatch and the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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