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Tell Governor Kasich to Do the Right Thing for Students

Out-of state students have a constitutionally protected right to register to vote using their campus address in Ohio.  However, under a new proposal in H.B. 53, any person that registers to vote in Ohio would be required to pay upwards of $75 to register their vehicle in this state. 

While the bill is masquerading as an attempt to regulate vehicle registration laws, the true intent is to discourage students from voting.   By forcing out-of-state students to purchase an Ohio driver’s license and vehicle registration, students will effectively have to pay to vote.  Over 116,000 out-of-state students attend Ohio colleges and universities and would be negatively impacted by this bill.  Legislators are betting that students will simply be unable or unwilling to incur the additional expense.

The Senate quickly inserted this this harmful attack on student voting rights last week and the House rushed to pass it with little notice or opportunity for public input.  The bill is now ready to be signed by Governor Kasich and will become law unless the Governor uses his power to line-item veto this harmful provision (update as of 3/27/15).

To call Governor Kasich NOW, click here for a sample script.


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