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Information on the Affordable Care Act

There is a lot of confusion about the ACA, so we have compiled a list of helpful resources on the new healthcare law that you can share with your networks.
Healthcare.gov is the official site for the Health Insurance Marketplace.  It provides a short video explanation of the law, and information on enrollment, benefits, rights and FAQ's.

Obamacare Works is a project of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  The site includes infographics on some of the benefits of the law, a pledge of support for the law, a short quiz for people to take on the law, and information on the law that is specific to women and/or Latinos.
 Get Covered America is a comprehensive site by Enroll America that includes FAQ's, action alerts, events and a help center.
SEIU's Healthcare Site includes Video explanations of the law from doctors and nurses, a page that can send out up to 5 emails to friends and family that includes the most important aspects of the law, and a timeline of key dates on the laws' implementation.

Voto Latino describes its' "Latinos for Healthcare 2013" page as "a hub of information for Latinos and young Americans to learn more about the law, it’s impact, and how to enroll."  They have also created a Facebook event page for people to pledge to #getcovered on October 1st.
For cute memes to share on the benefits of healthcare, visit adorablecareact.tumblr.com
We also have added some funny and helpful images describing the ACA to our Pinterest board below.

If you know of a site that has accurate, helpful information on the ACA and is not included in this list, please add it to the comments section below.