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Tell the Ohio House of Representatives to Oppose SB 296

Last week the Ohio Senate rushed to pass S.B. 296, which that will block voters’ access to the courts and prevent judges from stepping in to protect your voting rights. Despite the vigorous objections of election advocates, the restrictive bill is now headed to the Ohio House of Representatives.

Imagine heading to the polls and when you get there all the machines are malfunctioning or there is no power at in the building. You wait for an hour, but have to leave to go to work or pick up your children. It might be difficult for you to get back to the polls before 7:30 p.m.

SB 296 would make it harder to keep polls open later when voters are prevented from voting through no fault of their own. It would also imposes a discriminatory poll taxby allowing judges to cherry-pick which plaintiffs have to front tens of thousands of dollars to cover overtime pay for every poll worker in the county.  This cash bond provision creates insurmountable barriers for ordinary citizens.  The right to vote shouldn’t carry a price tag.

Extending poll hours is a last resort for voters who have been prevented from voting because of malfunctioning equipmentinclement weather, or other technical problems. It’s critical that we keep this option open for courts to help those who were kept from casting their ballots through no fault of their own.

Contact House Speaker Rosenberger now and tell him to oppose SB 296.

Here is what you can do right now to make your voice heard:
1. Sign our petition urging the Ohio House of Representatives to oppose SB 296.

2. Call House Speaker Rosenberger and ask him to oppose SB 296. Click here to view a sample script. 

Thank you for fighting for free, fair, and accessible elections!   

Ohio Primary Election 2016 Information

Voter Registration

    Important 2016 Primary Dates
    Voter Registration
    February 16
    Deadline to Register or Update Voter Registration
    Vote By Mail
    February 17
    Early Voting Begins
    March 12- noon
    Deadline to Request an Absentee Ballot
    March 14
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    March 15 - 7:30 pm
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    • You will receive your absentee ballot in the mail.  If you have not received it and are concerned, you can call your local county board of elections.
    • You can return your ballot by mail to your board of elections, or you can drop it off in-person at your Board of Elections up until the day before Election Day. 

    Voting Early In-person

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